Tuesday, January 8, 2019


It's a thrill for me to coach veteran players. Veteran players are all so open  and receptive to the lesson. Perfect students!

Because tennis singles is such a physical game, doubles is the most popular form of tennis for veteran players. 

Here are 7 doubles tips for veteran players that will help boost your game immediately.

1.   Serve Wide
When you start the point serving wide you are positioning your opponent off-court from the first ball.  The Returner now has 3 options, a more difficult cross-court return, a risky attempt at a down-the-line passing shot or a lob. 

All 3 of these options put you the server at an advantage!

2.   Keep the Ball Low
This will help in two important ways… it limits your opponents' ability to attack the ball and will also provide you with many more opportunities to attack the resulting high balls (high volleys & overheads)

3.   Get Fitter
One of the biggest factors in Veterans Tennis is the physical limitations that come with age. Speed, strength, endurance and recovery time are all factors that affect your performance. 
Commit to getting in better shape.

4.   Dominate Cross-court
The team that dominate the cross-court contest will dominate the match. Dominating the cross-court exchange forces your opponents to change direction down the line or to lob, both play into your hands!

5.   Make Your Opponents Lift the Ball
Look for ways to force your opponents to lift the ball. Think "one-two punch" by either keeping the ball low or hitting to your opponents’ feet. Both these tactics will force your opponents to lift the ball. 
Any ball that you can contact high puts you in an attacking position .

6.   Focus on the Serve and Return
The two most important shots in doubles are the serve and the return. In both cases, if you serve or return well, you will be giving yourself an excellent chance to win the point. When serving, focus on getting a high percentage of first serves in play.
When returning, focus on consistency, getting lots of balls back into play. consistent returning puts pressure on the serving team.

7.   Keep Their Feet Deep
If you are playing a very strong team, or any team for that matter, its important to keep their feet deep in the court when they hit the ball. If your opponents are hitting their shots while standing inside the baseline, chances are that they are dominating the match. 

Keep their feet deep and make them play their shots from behind the baseline.