Thursday, February 21, 2019


The biggest myth in tennis and the biggest impediment to a player’s progress in mastering Contact is the belief that perfect swing form equals perfect strokes.

I call it the "Golf Mentality". It is the belief that if you imitate "perfect" form you will produce the perfect result with your swing. It's simply not true.

Players and coaches everywhere are practicing form as would a golfer at a driving range.

Why does the "Golf approach" not work?  Because of two important differences between golf and tennis...

a. Tennis is unpredictable, the ball is changing and we have very little time to prepare.

b. With golf the ball is stationary. We have time to prepare. It's predictable.

Part of the preparation in golf before hitting the ball is deciding which golf club to use. We use a driver for long distance and a wedge for height and for shorter distances.

Golfers adapt mainly with the club selection, but in tennis we only have one "tool" in the toolbox and we continue to use the same racquet throughout the match.

In the three previous articles on "4 STEPS TO UNDERSTAND & MASTER CONTACT" I have clarified the immense role Contact plays in our game. I have explained the roles of the back swing and the follow through to help de-contaminate your contact and therefore allow it to perform its most vital role - getting the ball to its target.

In this last article I am encouraging you to make contact your #1 priority. Adapt your back swings and your follow throughs, speeds, spins, and arc for every ball but always maintain a deadly accuracy with your racquet face and therefore your contact

This is the final article of 4 STEPS TO UNDERSTANDING & MASTERING CONTACT. I look forward to your feed back as you take this information to the practice court and ultimately the match court.