Monday, May 6, 2019


AS A TENNIS PLAYER your life is full of difficulties. Whether it's difficulties within your daily routines involving your practice, fitness or matches, things can occur daily that chip away at your confidence in your ability to reach your goals and expectations

To different degrees those challenges can affect your ability to continue practicing and playing at your optimal level. They can be demotivating. 

You need high levels of RESOLVE to be a successful tennis player. You need the ability to keep striving towards your goals despite those difficulties. 

So how do you develop or strengthen resolve? How do you continue going forward despite the difficulties and challenges? 

he 3 most important factors for developing RESOLVE are …


Remove yourself from any negative environment. Nothing you try to do to build strong resolve will work within a negative environment.

The negativity could be coming from the people around you or your surroundings. Remove yourself immediately and find a better, more positive environment!


Know where you want to be in the future and create daily plans based on how to get there.

Have a PLAN and a METHOD

If the plan is to rise up the rankings identify what areas will give you the boost you need (it could involve working on a technical, tactical, fitness or mental issue), then create the means to improve on that area(s) 

Setting goals and daily schedules to work on your goals is empowering and will strengthen your resolve when faced with difficulties or challenges


If you have REMOVED YOURSELF FROM NEGATIVITY and have established GOALS and know how you want to work on your goals daily you will feel empowered and motivated!

Motivation comes from being in a positive environment and having an action plan based on your long term goals.

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